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Phase 1 | Detox Cleansing Enema Bag Set

Phase 1 - Familiarize yourself with gut cleansing by starting with the detox enema cleansing bag.  This bag is your introduction to the best kind of gut detox. 

True Body Detox begins and ends with gut cleansing!  A remedy for constipation, gas, bloating, sluggishness, brain fog, headaches, back pain, leg pain and much more is found through gut cleansing. 

Start Today!  Let Sage Joya show you how to live with a happy gut!

Phase 1 | Detox Cleansing Enema Pictogram Download

Need help with your gut detox cleansing process?  Learn Phase 1 - Basic Familiarity With The Gut!

A picture of each step you should take to ensure a successful detox enema cleanse is the perfect guidance tool for your gut detox.

Use the pictogram to ensure you have everything necessary for your gut detox cleanse.  

Start Today!  Let Sage Joya show you how to live with a happy gut!

Phase 1 | 3-Quick Steps To Detox Enema Cleansing Prep Download

Let Sage Joya help take the fear out of the gut detox cleansing process!  She begins with Phase 1 - Basic Familiarity With The Gut!

With proper guidance, it is very easy to overcome the "unknown" of gut detox enema cleansing.  It's time to transition into solid gut relief!

This video covers the different types of enema bags as well as the 4 quick steps you should take to prepare for a successful detox enema cleanse.  This video can play on any device, along with headphones, to ensure your complete privacy in the bathroom or elsewhere.  

Start Today!  Let Sage Joya show you how to live with a happy gut!

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